New name of company

Dear business partners,

With this letter we would like to inform you that since 16/6/15 our company has been renamed from VAGONKA–DŘEVO Trade s.r.o. to VAGONKA INTERIORS s.r.o.

The reason for this change is that our product portfolio does not concern only “DŘEVO“ (wood).  The word “DŘEVO”(wood) in the business name of our company has already been misleading these days. We supply various products for the rail vehicle interiors and that is why the new company name includes the word “INTERIORS” instead of “ DŘEVO” (wood).

Dear business partners, since now we will communicate with you in all documents as VAGONKA INTERIORS s.r.o and we kindly ask you to change this name for any official communication with us.

Business register link.
New logo to download is here.

In  Studénka, 16.6.2015

Ing. Dušan Matýsek, CEO
Libor Konečný, CEO