About Company

VAGONKA INTERIORS s.r.o. is a manufacturing company engaged in the development, design and production of components for public transport vehicles. We deliver floors, partitions, ceilings, doors, tables, cabinets, wall panels, air ducts and other components.

Being well-versed with the dynamics and the environment of the industry, we understand the needs of our customers and provide innovative solutions. Our focus is invariably on light weight of products, fire resistance, short lead times and low price. Did we forget to mention quality? We did not. High quality is absolutely paramount in our business.

The quality of our products has been proven over decades of vehicle service. Our company regularly and successfully completes audits conducted by our customers. We received a certificate for bonding according to DIN 67-01, as well as an ISO 9001 certificate. Materials are tested to meet EN 45545 requirements.

We work closely with companies outside of the vehicle business, in particular those engaged in processing large size wooden materials (See the Services page).

= an experienced team + CNC technology + 3500m2 manufacturing facility

Company History

The manufacture of rail vehicles in Studénka has a long-standing tradition going as far back as 1900 when Staudinger Waggonfabrik A.G. was founded by entrepreneur Adolf Schustala.
(For more information about the company history, click here).

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An essential part of the company has always been the production of wooden components for vehicle interiors. Over the decades, the company’s wood working facility gradually gained importance and in the one hundred years of its development, the plant has played a part in manufacturing all types of rail vehicles built in Studénka.

In the year 2000, the entry of a foreign investor who specialized exclusively in the manufacture of freight wagons was the impetus to split the operations of the Wood Working facility from the rail car building plant. Thus, 20 December 2000 marks the establishment of a new company named VAGONKA – DŘEVO s.r.o., later known as VAGONKA – DŘEVO Trade s.r.o., currently VAGONKA INTERIORS s.r.o.

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With a long-standing tradition of quality in mind, our continuing commitment to excellence is paramount.


VAGONKA-DŘEVO Trade s.r.o. renamed as VAGONKA INTERIORS s.r.o.


VAGONKA-DŘEVO s.r.o. and VAGONKA-DŘEVO Trade s.r.o. merged with VAGONKA-DŘEVO Trade s.r.o. being the successor


Purchase of a stake in ŠKODA VAGONKA a.s.


Sister company VAGONKA-DŘEVO Trade s.r.o. established


Having separated from Vagonka Studénka, VAGONKA-DŘEVO s.r.o. was established, continuing a hundred year history of manufacturing rail vehicle components in Studénka.  (VAGONKA-DŘEVO s.r.o. was established with ownership interest of ŠKODA VAGONKA a.s.)

Prior to 2000

Before the establishment of VAGONKA-DŘEVO s.r.o., the production of wooden components for rail vehicles took place at the Wood Working facility.